The Happy List | 12

It was November last year when I last had my happy list. Because I was lazy and a real slacker. Sorryyyy… To give a few deets on how I have been for the past weeks or months (just in case you’re interested), if you’re following my blog, my recent posts were, well, a little personal, so it’s kinda something. My emotions are in the open again. Sorry, there are just times that I cannot not write about such. Maybe this is really how I de-stress and express myself. Kahit walang sense, I just tend to jot it down without minding what others would say. Ganon. I actually get more likes on posts when it’s really about personal stuff. I just felt a little heartsick for a while, and now I just want to forget that shiz and just focus on things that makes me happy, so I am writing on my happy list again! Yay!

  1. My 5-year old princess is now done in pre school with high honors!
  2. Got my license card in 10 minutes! I actually waited for it for about a year and got it right before my temporary driver’s license expires. Anyway, pwede na rin! Haha!
  3. Done reading Landline by Rainbow Rowell. I actually got it on Christmas last year and I only finished it this April. As I reached the tail end of the book, it made me ask myself that if I’ve been given the chance to have a way, like a landline, to communicate to someone in the past, who would I call? Hmm. Maybe that’s a great one to write about!
  4. I was pretty much consistent in sharing my playlist each month which is a good thing.
  5. Getting off from work at exactly 4PM.
  6. Lemon and Thyme Chicken and Pork Belly from Rustan’s!
  7. Good treats  from Baskin Robbins c/o Ate Ava.Processed with VSCO with e3 preset
  8. I tried bowling for the first time. I didn’t get a strike but ’twas fun!
  9. Buffet lunch at Vikings.
  10. Random calls from boyfriend. He always greets me on the phone in different ways every single time. There were times that I seriously don’t want to answer his calls because he sounds really funny and then I tear up from laughing. Haha! It’s cute, though.
  11. Boyfriend found the promise ring he gave to me in 2008. He’s the one to blame for losing it. Sniff. A lot of my chums thought it was a wedding ring. It actually looks like one, but no. I am not yet married. Not anytime soon. Teehee.
  12. Booked a flight to Hong Kong for summer next year! I luckily got it on sale. It only costs me P5000 bucks for six persons. Not baaaaad! But, that’s only for a one-way trip. Gotta wait again to book a returning flight that is hopefully on sale too. #travelonabudget Lol
  13. Smokey Cheeseburger of McDonald’s and Nacho Dip for fries.
  14. I have availed a life insurance. So from this month on, my budget is cut out about P4000 every month. It’ll be a big adjustment. That’s for sure. But at least, I have started to invest on something good, right? Right.
  15. Weekend drive. Yeah. I wonder when will I get tired of driving. Prolly when I get to drive in EDSA.

It’s really good to write about what makes you happy even if it’s about the littlest of things. Writing this one gave me a boost in a sleepy kind of Monday. Have a great week ahead! 🙂