It wasn’t a concert, at all.

Why do people go to concerts? Do they go to concerts for the concert itself, or so they can say they went? Or maybe it’s plainly because they want to see their favorite artists perform live? These reasons prolly apply more on the LANY’s concert that I’ve  been to prior to this one, to where I have said that it was the best night ever. This concert is different. It made me feel like I need to go, or else I’d miss out something worth experiencing.


i basically had no plans on going to #unitedxyoungandfree concert but one day i felt like going na but thought of buying just the gen ad tickets. and since theres no reserved seating for gen ad, we have to arrive early to get a good view, but i didnt go early to line up. i just want to be there at 8pm and not miss any minute of it. we luckily arrived on time in spite of the traffic. we didnt take the train coz the lines were crazily long and getting a cab was a hassle, so we took what we thought was best – the bus.

the concert lasted for three hours. everyone stood the whole time! it didnt feel like a “show” AT ALL, like you’d barely hear the band coz the whole crowd was so into it. it was a night of worship! ive been to a hillsong concert in 2015 and im glad that i got to do it again. – @jenjennng

This was my exact words when I shared this first on instagram. I don’t want to sound too madrama but the simplest words I could say is that, it has been awhile that I get to experience such awesomeness. It was definitely not just a concert for me, but a night of worship. I don’t want to name my religion and base it on that, but it was the connection with the Almighty that I have missed for so long. I am happy that I have spent this night with Him. ❤


I hope these songs will also move you cos it does the same thing to me every time.