The Happy List | 11

  1. #KatasNgSweldo Charing! Ain’t gonna deny, but one of my ways to de-stress is to go shopping. All girls do (aside from eating ice cream)! Well, these are not much but spending on good stuff is a ton of happy pill for me.
    • Preview Magazine November 2015
      How do you bring together two people that cannot meet? Perfect planning and meticulous photo editing took place to fulfill this fashion fantasy.” – Preview | by Maura Rodriguez
      WATCH: The Making of #AlDubYouPreview
      Would you believe that I called Fullybooked in Greenbelt 5 branch just to reserve (1) copy of this? And honestly, it was my first time to do that. (Takot maubusan ng copy. Haha! Or ayaw magpahuli? A little bit of both. Haha!)
    • Another Day by David LevithanIMG_5603
      Aaaah. Can’t get my hands off of this already. Such a page turner, same as the first one – Everyday. Why is David Levithan so good? Ugh.
    • Revlon: ColorBurst Matte Balm (Sultry and Standout)
      Got it for 50% off! Who wouldn’t love makeups that are on sale?!
    • IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Colour
      Less 10% from the original price. Oha! Kota ang girlalu! Haha
    • TonyMoly: Delight Tony Tint
    • Primadonna: White thin soled Snakeskin Slip-Ons
      Excuse me, bought this one at original price. Lol
    • Yes! Magazine November 2015 not in the picture
      Eeeh. I admit, I can’t get enough of ’em.
  2. My favorite Bae in Eat Bulaga liked my tweets! Here’s one:

    @Medrano_Kenneth Ken.. If you were a vegetable, you’d be a CUTEcumber.. Naks! πŸ˜‰ #ALDUBNewCharacter

    β€” β™” jen (@jenjennng) November 4, 2015

    A R T E. Haha! Pero kinilig ako, haha! Kaynis. Siya lang nag like niyan e. *winks* #ManCandy
    And if you happen to see my twitter profile, most of my tweets are AlDub related because I partake on using the hashtags. So if you’re not a fan and feeling irk about AlDub, then get your sh*t outta here. Lol

  3. Red Cups are in! Time to collect Starbucks’ stickers again. But I’m probably gonna give out the 2016 planner. I have SB planners for the past 2 years but it kinda didn’t work out for me. Sayang din kaya. 3k rin equivalent non.
  4. William Singe‘s song covers. All of it.
  5. Snapchat. I stopped taking snaps for quite sometime but when I figured that my current fave celeb, Maine (of course), has a snapchat as divinaursula, my snapchat reawakened. Uh huh. #ObsessionAtItsFinest Super aliw ng snaps niya. And I also googled other celebs worth the follow in Snapchat, none of my friends are into it.. Ekk.
  7. Planning sesh with girlfriends for our day-out this month.
  8. Thankful that technology makes life easier. I finally figured how to transfer photos from my camera to iPhone.
  9. Black and white combo. It never gets old.
  10. Being comfy using tag-lish on my blog. There are actually a couple of non-Filipino readers who like my blog post/s even when there are a few tagalog words in it. So I thought,Β  “Pwede naman pala e.” Haha! #MagpakatotooKa As long as they get the thought of my post and probably finds it interesting, I guess that’s what really matters.

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