The Sunday Currently | Vol. 06


READING Another Day by David Levithan

OBSESSING over Revlon’s ColorBurst Matte Balm (Standout) and L’Oreal Color Riche Moisture Matte (Red Valentine). Matte is my kind of thing lately.

THINKING on what to wear for our Christmas party at Sofitel with a color theme of black and white. I know it’s too basic and would not be hard for me to find, but you know, girl thing. Sometimes it’s pretty difficult for us to choose clothes especially when there are a lot of good ones in the mall. A lot.  Aaaah! I should probably start browsing on lookbook and try to look for a peg for the party. *winks*

HOPING that I could get to save for concert tickets. I guess, that needs to be part of my savings plan. I’m gonna buy a perfect jar to store money for concert tickets next year.

WISHING for more good times with friends and other people that I love. Or if given the chance, with people that I missed to hang out with or maybe, just maybe, with people/someone that I’ve never talked to for awhile. #deeeeep

LOVING how Alden and Maine look so comfortable in Kalyeserye and even off cam. Super kilig! I know that the whole Aldub Nation wants them to be an item in real life, but for me, I would rather want them to just take time to get to know each other. You know, no rush. And if in the future, they realized that it’s something they want to take to the next level, BAE level, then I’ll be one of the happiest fan ever.

FEELING okay now that I’m officially a regular employee. Just okay, but thankful.

WANTING a hoverboard and iPhone 6s rose gold. Who else wouldn’t? Sometimes happiness is hard to buy. Lol