elYU won me over.

Hi! Wow! It has been a super while since my last post. I guess I have lost the creative side of my heart to write or maybe I’m just lazy. I don’t have any interesting to write either. So yeah. Here’s one of the good things that I can share…

Started off the year right by hitting the beach! Luckily, this trip was pushed through after so many sketches and planning.

We left Manila at two in the morning and arrived around 4 hours later.

Good morning, La Union!Untitled

Geez… I almost peed on my pants the moment I heard the sound of the waves when I was still a few meters away. Honestly, as I walked closer to it, I got teary-eyed but deep inside, I cried buckets!

I can never explain why I love the beach, even though I’ve only been to just a few. I feel like I’m in a long distance relationship with the beach. I’m always longing for it, always dreaming about it. It excites me whenever I get the chance to see myself back at the welcoming waves and how it feels good to have my feet walk naked on the sand.


Views like this wow me all the time, like a joyous kind of wow. But here? It sorta felt different. I spared a moment to take it all in and let out a deep sigh knowing that in the next 24 hours, I’d find solace.


After having our silog breakfast, we checked in our stuff and head on to Tangadan Falls.



It was a long walk/hike going here, but ’twas worth it. The place was a bit crowded, but nonetheless, it didn’t fail to make my heart skip a beat. And oh, this is I guess the first waterfall I’ve seen. Bucket list, check!

It was past noon when we decided to go back to the resort. It was a quiet ride accompannied by some eargasmic playlist. Just the way I like it.


Only half a day in La Union and my tummy is full of butterflies. Elyu is basically the definition of simple lang pero may dating. Nothing grand in the place much. It’s actually pretty chill and gives laid back kinda vibe. I guess that’s why I fell in love with Elyu.

We went to Flotsam & Jetsam a little early for some carbs and drinks. Darn. Their food didn’t fail, nor the cocktails.


This is the kind of shot you get when you and your friends are always hungry. LOL!

We didn’t stay that long in F&J.  I asked my friends if we can drop by in El Union for dessert before we head to the bar for more drinks. We shared on a large plate of s’mores and it’s soooooo good. It is by far my favorite s’mores! ugh.


It was a short and fun night as always with my favorite people, but my body can’t seem to keep up with their energy so I decided to skip the next bar that they were about to visit. Yep. We did a little bar hopping.  I was knocked out the moment I hit the sack. I wasn’t drunk if that’s what you were thinking.. haha! I wish I was but not even close.  Haha! I actually prefer not to drink much cause I don’t want to miss the sunrise. And you know what…


It was worth it to wake up extra early to witness such beauty! These kids didn’t think twice to cut their sleep for Mr. Sun. Ugh. For me, it was so serene in its purest form. I was trying to take a few more shots, but instead of minding the angle and all, I just stopped and savor the moment. I’m always like this whenever I am at the beach. Madrama. I wish time slowed down a little though. Sigh.

When the gang was finally up, it’s time to take off those tank tops. I could finally soak in salt water and ride the board for the first time. Ang sayaaaaa! Plakda at first, pero wapakels!

UntitledBack shot muna. I’m gonna get abs soon… swear! Tiwala lang… 

Surfing was fun! Masakit ma-fall pero that’s where we learn eh. Naks!

The day was about to end and I’ve got nothing but good times and memories. I guess there’s no human that is ever ready to end a vacay. But as we always say, every thing has an end.

Cheers to the elyu crew!


‘Til our next travel sketches! 😉