Oh, dear. Another year.

2016 has started and my birthday is coming up 10 days after the New Years but I’m still hangover from a long time-off from work and I think I already have lost the fun, excitement and money during the holidays so it will probably just be an ordinary day for me (as always). I guess that’s why I hardly ever look forward on my birthday. And here’s me slightly dewy-eyed knowing and feeling that I haven’t been YOLOing in a long time.

PS. I’m quite feeling down in the dumps, so this one is going to be a little melancholic. Just a little. Also, I’m posting this ahead of my real birthday because who knows… I might have a joyous one and this post wouldn’t be appropriate to be posted on the 10th.


I’ve always felt  that I have missed a lot of things in life and at 24, I still have a long list of I-have-nevers. Like…

I have never been in a club – Privè, Gramercy, Palace Pool Club or even in EDM Music Festival like Neverland Manila. Yep. I can name a few because I have been wanting to witness such fun but never really had the chance and because I don’t have friends who have the same interest. Ang panget naman mag-isa magtatatalon sa EDM fest. Haha!

I have never travelled out with friends. Well, once. I think the last one was 3 years ago, an overnight stay by the beach in Batangas. Text pa ng text si Mother Earth. Grabe siya. lol

I have never been the last one to leave a party, always the first. #southgirlproblems

I have never been into a concert of any of my favorite artists. Kasi usually the location is in QC, and then it’ll end pretty late na kaya No No kay mother. Hay.

That’s how it is growing up with strict parents. I understand, though. 

I rarely watch movies with friends. Because my circle is not that type who is into movies. Or maybe they are, ako lang ata yung so so. Ha! Whenever I wanna go out to watch a movie, I’m kind of hesitant to ask my friends out. Siguro kasi, I kind of assume that they’re not okay with the schedule, or they’re too busy or baka hindi nila gusto ung gusto kong panoorin. Mga ganon. Assuming lang. Or maybe, I just don’t want to hear a ‘No’ from them or from anyone. I slightly don’t want rejections sa trip ko. Haha! IDK. Pero partly true.

I kinda thought that going out as much with friends (to have fun) is the greatest feeling ever when you’re on your 20s. For the past few years, I just can’t. And the reason why I can’t get off on social media is because it’s the only way to fill up my spare time and to see what my friends have been up to. Yeaah. Sad life. It makes me sad even more not being able to go out and travel with them.


Maybe to some, my life probably sounds boring, uninteresting. Actually, totoo! I won’t deny. I feel that. All the f time. Work-Bahay *repeat 5x a week* is my daily routine, or sometimes I eat out alone or stroll sa mall before heading home. Weekends is basically just staying at home and do a few household chores. Because the #1 rule in the house is to always do what you are asked to do before you head out. Mejo sanay na rin ako so, okay lang.

Eto lang, I really do feel that I’m missing a lot of fun and adventure. I doubt that I’m a boring person (masaya naman ako kasama, di ba? *puppy face*), it’s just that my routines haven’t changed in a while. Baka kailangan lang ng someone or a few people to change it. Naks!

But, this time… This time. Now that I’m getting older, I’d say yes. I’d say yes to travel and eating out late with friends (but with reservations. Haha!) Wala naman akong wish na something grand ngayong 24th birthday ko (I probably look more, pero 24 lang po talaga ako. Tanggapin nyo na). Pero if gusto nyo ako i-libre, feel free. Haha! But on a serious note, I just want to value such “chances”. Chance to travel and have fun. Chance to be with friends or meet new people. Ayon. The material stuff can wait until 2017. Lol

Anyway. I’m thankful for the gift of life and for all the struggles that I have been through. I know that I have matured and I have become a better person from who I was before and of course to be much much better pa in the years to come.

Thankful for friends who never left, friends from a distance and friends who still keep in touch. I only have a few friends – quality friends I could say. I hope to meet new ones. People who could take me to places who loves adventure, food and fun. I’m on it.

So.. There. I hope this year would be a great one.

Oops. Happy birthday to me! CHEERS!

#hugotpost *winks*