The Sunday Currently | Vol. 05

Forgive me for not making time to update my blog. The past days were just too boring and there were nothing interesting to write about my life lately. I was planning to write again about my obsession over ALDUB but that would be too much since they are all over the internet and news already, so whatever I write about them would not be a surprise or new to everyone. And yes, no food blog for a while. I have 3 cafe/restau lined up for me to try this month so I hope I could finally find the time to visit and blog again. Bawi ako!


READING A Walk To Remember for the 2nd time. All-time favorite movie (and book)!

OBSESSING over Aldub Vines. Oo. Binanggit ko na naman ang Aldub. Eh. Wala e. Fan ako e. Obviously. Haha! #kebs

THINKING of what to wear on my boyfriend’s best friend’s wedding on the 18th at Palazzo Verdeย (former Fernbrook Gardens, also hoping to wed here. Ehem)

HOPING to be a regular employee next month!

WISHING to be more productive at work. I’ve been too idle for the past few days yet I feel like it is more tiring when you’re not doing anything than having a real work. Mas nakakapagod ung walang ginagawa kasi napapagod ka kakaisip kung ano na gagawin mo. HAHAHA!

LOVING twitter. Peroo..

FEELING kilig watching Kalyeserye day and night ALL WEEK! What have these people have done to me?! Hindi ako ganito! I’ve never been such a fan girl like this ever before. Sa Aldub lang! HAHA!

WANTING to splurge in food and shopping! I have banned myself from eating out and shopping for over 2 months already! Seriously.. Well, last Monday was an exception. I couldn’t help myself not to visit Forever21, H&M and Uniqlo at SM Makati – just because those three stores are near the mall entrance and I was too lazy to walk around the mall. Then I saw this collared striped shift dress from Forever21 and an open side flats in black from H&M that were on sale looked pretty good together. Soooo… Alam na! LOL

5 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently | Vol. 05

  1. Hi! I’ve stumbled upon your website while searching for Sunday currently link up. I just did my first one and wanted to do a link up. I saw this post of yours about Kalyeserye and it made me smile! My twitter as well, pareho tayo! Grabe ang Aldub! Kakaadict ano? Anyway, just dropping by to say Hi! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hi!! Thank you! I couldn’t open your page though. It says that your site is no longer available.. I hope I could also drop by. Anyway, lakas lang talaga magpa good vibes and kilig ng Aldub! Hindi nakakasawa i-replay.. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oooh. Tsk tsk, I better check that. I just started blogging kasi. Well, recently lang ako naglakas loob sya pinublish.


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