Cheap Date

It’s true that a couple can have a good time without spending too much on a dinner for two. I’m a low-maintenance kinda girl and not into fancy dinner and all that stuff. I like the no-frills way better.

But, how do we define if it’s a ‘date’? My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 years (and counting) and ever since, we always consider that every time we’re together, it should be treated something special but that does not need to be shelling out too much money for dinner, etc. It’s more of having and valuing the time you have and make sure that before the day ends, you make him/her happy. Cheapskate couple? Nah. Haha

Here comes another night when I want to kill some time more before I head home and he’s the first person I thought to ask out (of course). We went to have cheap date just around our place. We’ve been seeing this restaurant almost everyday but never gave time to try it until now…

It’s #tbt. I know what you’re thinking and you’re wrong. Teehee. It’s not throwback Thursday, it’s #TheBestTapa located at Caltex Bantayan, Imus, Cavite.

TBT Freedom Wall
TBT Freedom Wall

I like the freedom wall of TBT. But I think, sometimes they have to clear out the wall and doodle some art on it to catch the attention of the customers and make it more worth an Instagram post. Lol

We ordered TapSiLog and LongSiLog.There’s a free hot soup given to the customers while waiting for the food to be served.

LongSiLog and TapSiLog

The garlic rice seems not to be the usual garlic rice that we get on other res taus who also offer SiLog meals. It’s buttered rice with tiny bits of carrots. I super liked it!


Tapsilog – P90

Chicksilog – P85

Baconsilog – P85

Porksilog – P80

Longsilog – P80

Tocilog – P80

Siomasilog – P50

Bangislog – P85

Adobosilog – P90

The place has 2 AC and wall fans so it’s pretty much cold during our stay.

Here’s my only suggestion. Wi-Fi. I guess no matter how simple the place and food is, as long as there’s a wi-fi, solved na! 🙂

Open daily from:
11:30am – 10:00pm Mon-Thur
11:30am -12:00mn Fri & Sat
5pm – 12:00mn Sun


**Sorry for the low quality photos. I promise to bring a real camera next time!!


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