My Tuesday at Dinersoft

Tuesday morning, I sent a message to my boyfriend and randomly joked that I have found a ‘new guy’. I don’t know what I was thinking and why I did that. Haha! Unfortunately, he kind of took it seriously and felt really sad about it. And to make it up with him, I asked him if he wanna have dinner and told him not to bother because it’s my treat. Of course, he said yes. Who wouldn’t for a free meal? Lol I asked him where he wants to eat and he preferred to try Dinersoft. And to expiate on what I did, I agreed to eat at Dinersoft and let him order whatever he wants. Bait ko noh? Haha 

Dinersoft is located in Imus Cavite right next to Our Lady of Pillar hospital. Good thing, they renovated the place. Looked and felt much better than the old one.

The cozy restaurant is air-conditioned but the place kinda felt warm considering that it wasn’t jam packed the time we visited but no worries, you will not sweat. Or maybe the spot that we took is too far from the AC? Anyways, I didn’t mind because the lighting is instagram-friendly (though yellowish) haha!

Sizzling Sisig and ‘Cheese and Fries’
The waiter served the appetizer and rice meals all at once. Teehee. Fast service, I guess. The cheese and fries also has a taste of sour n’ cream. I was kind of expecting to get a plate of fries-drowned-in-cheese. My bad! But, it tastes good though and the sizzling sisig? Sarap!

Baby Back Ribs (Best Seller)
Small serving, but hey… Taste matters! So good and tender.


Coffee based Oreo Frappuccino. I regret having this drink, not because it does not tastes good but it kept me up until 2AM. Lol

It was nice to end the day with the person you love. And remember, sometimes, a way to a man’s heart is asking him out and not to make him pay for it. 😉

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