Weekend Stroll

After spending 5 days at work, weekend is the only time to catch up with my family and spend time with them. Since, it’s a long weekend for us, I ditched doing the household chores on a Saturday and decided to eat lunch at De La Salle Univeristy – Dasmariñas, my Alma Mater.

It has been awhile since Bryan and I visited here, but for Brianna Lei, this is her first time in DLSUD.

*Pabebe Wave*

(I do not intend to share stories behind these pictures but I still will, anyways. Haha)

One of our favorite spots inside DLSU-D (aside from bilyaran, which is our main tambayan) is the La Salle chapel. Lahat na ata ng drama namin, saksi ang chapel na ito. Haha! There were moments na gusto ko mapag-isa (wow) and if I have nothing to do at the same time, dito ako napunta.

And for long hour breaks, dito sa mga kubo. Dito rin ginagawa ang mga last minute assignment and/or projects. Haha!

The Kubos

Eto naman… Wala lang. Moment lang nilang dalawa. Teehee. I guess they take the sweetest pictures kesa samin ni Bryan. Hahaha!


I was supposed to visit the Animo Store, but unfortunately they’re close during Saturday afternoon so we decided to have lunch here before we go to Alabang.

*Pabebe Wave Pa More*

What I miss most in college? M2M (many to mention. haha!) Well, one of the reasons is the long walks inside the university with friends. When I first tried to wear a 3-4 inch high black shoes, I quit wearing it after 2-3 days. Wa poise. Hindi kaya ng powers ko. Ayon. Since then, I’ve learned how much ‘walking’ I need to do everyday so I shifted on wearing flats.


I enjoyed college life. And I miss it a lot. It was a nice trip with Bryan and Brianna.

Read: How to get to DLSU-D

PLUS! I get to drive this baby for the day. Saya! 🙂


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