Preparations and arrival in Hong Kong!

Our travel to Hong Kong was actually for Brianna’s 7th birthday. I knew that pulling off a grand birthday party isn’t as worth it as traveling abroad. Yes, she’ll still want to celebrate it with her squad and fambam but it is something that we can do in a simple way – no clowns, no catering, no gowns, no 7-something – a simple dinner/gathering will do but not as what the others usually do on their 7th birthdays.

I waited for seat sales to come (of course, budget friendly ako. Haha!) And it came around March of 2016. I didn’t get a round-trip discounted fares so I just bought a 1-way ticket first from MNL to HK for 700 pesos/pax (without checked-in baggage) and booked the returning flight later on the same year. I think it was around four thousand per pax for the HK to MLA flight. We have added a 20 kilos checked-in baggage on our way back to MLA cos practically, we’ll have our pasalubongs na with us, so the 7 kilos allotted for the hand-carry will not be enough. If you sum up the airfare, it is still cheaper compared to the regular airfare rates that would cost 8,000 pesos each! In a way, nakatipid na rin. Di ba? *winks*

My mom took charge on the itinerary and hotel reservation. We tried to book in first and it was a total fail! All along, we thought that our reservation was okay, not until I checked the night before our flight. Our reservation was cancelled pala! We didn’t get any email notifications that the card payment did not push through. All we got was that the reservation was confirmed. Hassle! We spent the night looking for a place to stay the night before our trip. We even tried calling overseas just to inquire for the rooms. Luckily, we found Sing Yuet Hostel located in Mongkok. We reserved the family room with 2 double beds and 1 bunk bed. It’s just 12 sq. m in size but in my opinion it was just right for us (4 adults, 1 child). We’ll just spend a few hours in the hostel anyway so I do not mind the size. But I’ll reserve for later about the room experience. Heheh.

I have created a to-bring list just so I wouldn’t forget anything. It’s my first time to fly outside of the country so I hafta be prepared. 😉

Day of departure

Our flight is at 7PM, so foreseeing the manila traffic and long waiting lines in NAIA, we arrived three hours early before boarding time so we still have time for dinner. Did you know that I am fond of airplanes? Para akong batang sobrang saya pag nakakakita ako ng airplane sa malapitan. And there I was, trying not to literally jump for joy. I was just so happy when I got closer to the airport 🙂

After dinner, we weighed all our bags and luggage. For hand-carry stuff, 7 kilos is allotted per person. My sister got around 9 kilos so she had to transfer some of her things to other luggage. So after fixing our stuff, we head on to the gate and waited for the plane to arrive. In fairness, waiting did not take too long. Props to that, Cebu Pac!


** 2 hours later **

Arrival in Hong Kong Airport




UntitledThe Hong Kong airport was just so jaw-dropping! It’s hard to compare to what we have here in the Philippines kasi sobrang magkaiba talaga. (sorry not sorry).

The first thing we did was to rent a WiFi where we could bring around Hong Kong and Macau. In the airport there are a lot of merchants that rents WiFi with a speed of 500mbps for HKD80 per day for HK-Macau, but if you have no plans to go to Macau, then you can have it for about HKD60 per day. Not bad for 500mbps speed, right? We canvass muna to see if there’s something cheaper than HKD80. Sa pabalik-balik namin from one merchant to another, nagkakaubusan na! Ganon kabilis. So since they all have the same price, we chose Banana Wifi for HKD80/day plus HKD1,000 deposit. I know. Ang laki ng deposit noh?! Pero it’s for their safety rin if there will be any case that the WiFi will not be returned. Oh. The WiFi was a little heavy but you can use it as powerbank as well. It’ll lasts for about 10 hours. Pwede na rin. And then, we also bought octopus card for each of us, that costs HKD150 for adult and HKD70 for child. From airport, we decided to ride on a double-decker bus, Route A21, to our hostel in Mongkok.

Usually double-decker buses are used on the routes and a route direction is written on a front window of a bus. Most buses are air conditioned. Passengers need to pay by cash when get on the bus. There are boxes inside, where you have to put your coins or notes in, better if no change. No change is given on buses, so any over payment will not be refunded. Also you can pay by Octopus Card. Wave the card over Octopus reader when you get on a bus and get off a bus. (Source)

‘Twas a fail the first time I tried the bus. I dropped 50 bucks before knowing that I should pay an exact amount. Fare to Mongkok was just 33 bucks. *iyak* Anyways, I get to sit at the deck so ayun. Hayaan na natin. It was good though.

We dropped off at Argyle Street and walked a few minutes to the hostel. It wasn’t hard to find. We also use google maps to navigate and it was pretty accurate.


Why HK streets so lit? We arrived I guess past the hour of 12mn but there’s still life in the streets. Haha!


Finally, we have checked in at Sing Yuet Hostel. We weren’t disappointed in our room. It was clean and seems to be well-maintained. It’s kinda small but the 5 of us still fit in the room and still feels comfy. The hostel has fast WiFi and the owner cleans the room every day, maybe just right when we leave in the morning. We actually weren’t aware na maglilinis sila everyday. We were just surprised that the blankets are folded, the sheets have been changed and everything was just in place when we get back at night, but we weren’t bothered naman because we bring our valuables whenever we go out. The room was really nice.

But first things first. We’re hungry! So we went out to look if there are open restaurants at the time.


Surprisingly, we got into this eat-all-you-can restaurant. Hindi kami aware, actually. Haha! It costs us around 130 bucks per head for adult. Bigat! Hindi na ako naka-atras, bes! Hahaha!



I didn’t get to take pictures of all the food that we ate because there were just a lotta things going on the table! Ang gulo. Haha! But, t’was good…

As we finished our dinner, Bryan and I went to 7-eleven to buy some drinks and candies before we head back to the hostel.

Look what I found…


Haagen-Dasz goodies in a 7-eleven store??!! Are you kidding me??!! Eto ang talagang Convenience store, dibaaa! Lol


What I liked about Hong Kong so far? Walking around the streets at night. Parang, it never feels dull.


Parang, it’ll make me want to walk more. (Oops.. someone’s starting to sound dramatic) *brushes off the drama*


Anyways, so far so good. Lovin the 17 degree feels. More onto my next post! *winks*


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