Photo Diary: Baguio – Day 1

Our family hardly ever travels. Not because we are not into travelling, well, except mom. She’s really not into travelling. Even when choosing a mall whenever we go out, she’ll always say, “Dito na lang sa malapit na SM, iisa lang naman laman niyan eh.” Haha! She actually prefers to stay at home and spend the weekend productively by doing household chores and somehow, us her kids already got used to it.She retired from work 2-3 years ago but it was only recently when she came up to us and tell us that she wants to have a vacation. Before 2016 ends was when she asked us to go to Baguio. Unfortunately, our work schedules got tight and it was peak season that time because of the holidays so we decided not to go. New Years came and she still wants to go to Baguio. She was never eager to go to vacay until now. So the good kids, us, granted her wish!

Days before our target date for departure – January 6:

  • Find airbnb that is good for 5 pax and also good for our pockets.
  • Search for places to visit
  • Buy bus tickets

We had to assess first our budget if we can really make it to Baguio and be able to stay for 2-3 days before we buy tickets. Ayun. Feeling ko makaka-survive naman kami, so go! Haha!

Hours before departure:

  • Get off early from work to finish packing
  • Prep up
  • Pray before leaving the house

We planned to leave before sunrise so that we could still have a whole day to walk around the city. Luckily, we got tickets for the 1AM trip. Our trip was on a Friday, so my sister and I still went to work on Thursday and just leave early to finish packing. I thought we’ll be running late but we were able to arrive 30 minutes before departure. Yay!

Day 1: En route to Baguio 

Ta79c367a-79cf-48e6-a6fe-a5868a15b99ehe bus arrived on time and departed before 2AM. It was Bryan and Brianna’s first time in Baguio. I actually didn’t get any sleep because I was checking her out if she’s feeling okay or dizzy. Good thing, she slept the whole time and didn’t give us a hassle during the trip. On our first stop over, I told Bryan to start practicing in taking pictures of me cos any guy/boyfriends need to be supportive for their girls’ Instagram, or blog. Lol So for this layout/pose, this was kinda close to okay. Hindi masyadong obvious na gusto ko yung hotdog. Hindi masyado. Haha! Anyways, at least the framing was good, sort of. *winks* Spent the rest of the time browsing online and listening to music.

 *** 5 hours later ***

The Arrival

Finally in Baguio! We arrived around 7AM and it was so freakin’ cold. It was a tolerable kind of cold though, but it’s waaaay better than in Manila.

Before we ride a cab, mom bought Baguio’s famous strawberry taho. It costs 25 pesos for a cup that looks like 10-15 pesos taho cup in Manila. I guess the price is acceptable because the taho has strawberry bits too and it really tastes good.

We checked in at Seven Gifts transient house. It is very spacious and quite clean. The bathroom sink and water dispensers aren’t working though. The beds are comfy but the couch was kinda wet or I guess it’s moist or something. And if you’re curious if they have WiFi, yes. They have fast internet connection but they cut us off on our second night. I don’t know why. Anyway, I’ll rate it as 7/10. The location is very accessible to the city and other tourist spots. Actually, it isn’t difficult going from one place to another in Baguio, because there were a lot of cabs in the city. The drivers serve as tour guides too. They offer their cab to be rented for a group tour but if your itinerary is just within the city and accessible by jeep or cab, then there’s no need to rent cos its pricey than just doing the normal commute. I’d like to commend the drivers though, for being so nice. 🙂

First stop: Wright Park

Before we start off our day, we went to Pizza Volante for brunch and head on to Wright Park for horse back riding.

Look who we bumped into!


I knew they were going to Baguio 2-3 hours ahead from us but when we were all there, we have not talked yet to where we’ll meet. Fate, indeed. Haha!

Brianna thinks that this pony is Pinky Pie! Teehee


Family fun fact: no one in the family is into sports or any activity with too much leg work. Well, except for my sister who goes to the gym once in a while, just because she needs to. Lol. My mom stopped for like three times before she gets to reached the top. In my case, I really do hate taking the stairs. Haha! But, I kinda managed without complaining and sweating!


Heading to The Mansion

Second stop: The Mansion Untitled

Nothing much to see here though, cos we were not allowed to go near/inside the mansion. It was sunny but no one would mind cos you know, it’s Baguio, duh. Haha!

Third stop: Mines View Park

There were a lot of beautiful flowers and miniature garden plants (if that’s how they call it) in Mines View Park. All of them really look good, so good that vendors even post a sign “No picture taking allowed” rather than “Do not touch”signage. Weird.


Sadly, I didn’t get to buy any cos we were still off to another destination and I don’t want to risk bringing it around cos I might ruin it or lost it.

“I love view”

The place were so crowded but we managed to take a group picture with no photo bomber.


Fourth stop: Burnham Park

Someone’s flexin. LOL
My mom looks like Dora because of her backpack. *winks*

Actually, it took us a hard time to where we will sit because our boat was not balanced when we hopped in. Haha! The guy told us that the man-made lake is like 10-ft deep (not sure if ’twas true though) so my mom got nervous and she was thinking not to join anymore. I had to calm her first pero feeling ko hindi siya kumalma. Higpit nga kapit eh oh. Haha!

Last stop: SM Baguio

We usually go to malls to go shopping, but we here to see this view. I have fear of heights but the majestic views in Baguio were super eye candy.


We went back to our transient house before night time.

A lotta leg work on our first day. The people who lives here looks physically fit because there’s a lot of walking and street hiking in Baguio which I think is a good thing. I didn’t mind the long walks because I didn’t sweat even a little! Hahaha!

‘Twas a great day indeed. Stay tuned on our 2nd day adventure!


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