Slowly getting there…

I’ve been a frustrated blogger for quite a while. I’ve always wanted to be good at writing, to be good at something non-academic and sports related. Since I started here in WordPress and consider other things to write about aside from personal stuff, I think I am doing good so far, but I want to do more and hopefully – be better.

I’ve been looking in the internet for blogspirations that will aid me to be good at writing and it has been a good help to me so far. I also follow other pages that teaches photography techniques so that I’ll be able to use my own photos other than the free hi-res photos we can get online. See? I am slowly taking baby steps in entering the blogosphere. YAY! And of course, joining The Daily Post for prompts and photography challenge also is a good way to get ideas to get into writing.

Anyways, this coming Saturday, I am joining a photo adventure by Canon Philippines wherein I am totally clueless onto where we are going and will spend overnight with people I don’t personally know – that is the thrill of the experience. Also, you get to learn in the workshop and meet new people with the same interest – photography. I am actually excited and nervous because this is my first time to join a tour alone. I don’t want to put my hopes up and expect much with the place and other activities, but I am surely gonna learn a lot from the workshop.

I am taking every opportunity that is on my way to help me be a better blogger, and yes, I am dead serious about this. I will soon host my own site, have it revamped, practice photography and writing. No matter how cliche this may sound but, practice really do make things good and perfect.



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