The right way to share Instagram post to Twitter

I’ve always hated (direct) sharing of my Instagram posts to Twitter, because by default, only the Instagram link plus the caption is shared on Twitter and not the image itself. So, the users have to click on the Instagram link just to see your post which I find quite a bother.I thought I can never do anything about it, but luckily, with the power of the internet, I finally discovered how to tweak the settings.

The main problem in the native “Instagram to Twitter” sharing option is that you are unable to view the photo on your Twitter timeline



unlike when you tweet a photo:



Honestly, when I get to see only the Instagram links in my Twitter feeds, I just scroll past it because it’ll take a minute or two before the photo shows up from Instagram. Finally, I get to figure out to lessen the hassle, and it is through IFTTT.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to do the magic.

  1. Sign up in IFTTT
  2. Browse for recipes. For Instagram to Twitter sharing option, go to this link.
  3. Connect Channel, then click Add. Then go to My Recipes to check all your added recipes. You have the option to turn it off if you want to deactivate it in the background.
  4. In Preferences under your profile name, uncheck Auto-shorten URLs, so that the Instagram link will not be replaced by the default link.


PS. Do not forget to click the Update Settings button to save the changes.

On your next Instagram post, it should show your caption, Instagram URL and the image itself. No need to tap Twitter before hitting SHARE in Instagram.


For this example, there’s no caption indicated. Since Twitter has a limited number of characters, captions having more than 140 characters from Instagram will be cut short on Twitter.

Cannot believe I knew this just now! It was 2012 when I last linked my Instagram to Twitter. Whew!


PS. Links from the screenshots are now unavailable. It was removed after a few tries using IFTTT.

I hope this helps. *winks*


6 thoughts on “The right way to share Instagram post to Twitter

      1. Try to check if the recipe is activated, modify preferences then try to upload a photo on Instagram and it should be okay.. Let me know what happens. 😊

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