Working on it…

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been a real slacker lately, not just in updating this blog but also with my other life commitments, like my 8-hour job. You probably noticed that my recent posts were written quickly and I also have fallen short in putting in the effort than what it deserves. I think, momentarily, it just happens. I kind of lack ideas in what to write, what to feature. I guess it’s true, that sometimes words just don’t come out easily all the time and most of the time (at least for me), they don’t come out at all.

But lately, I have been reading a few articles online to get tips on how to get my ass to write or how to be productive. I actually have 2-3 drafts but I haven’t gotten the chance to polish everything or maybe I just don’t know how to cap it off. Pft.

Okay. Well, since the time I bought a new camera and was obsessing about it, I get to use it when me and my friends went on a quick beach getaway in Laiya Batangas. I am slowly learning the basics of photography and you know what, because I really wanted to explore and know more about it, here’s what I did so far:

  • I registered in an online photography workshop offered by The Shaw Academy for FREE that I just randomly saw their ad online. I then found out that they’re having a free photography workshop. Of course, who wouldn’t want to learn new things without shelling out a ton of money, right? It’s average cost is P10,950 for 10 lessons, that is roughly more or less $300. I was so lucky to get it for free! So yeah. The workshop is still ongoing. I am trying to join the live sessions but if ever that the registrants weren’t able to attend the live sessions, the recordings will be saved on our account only for 24 hours just to catch up with the lessons. Not bad.
  • Digital Photography School is one of the many articles I have bookmarked to help me out to know more about the craft and it’s actually a big help for me. Now, I am mastering the exposure triangle – ISO, shutter speed and aperture. Yay! My Laiya trip  is the first post that I published with unprocessed photos using my Canon EOS M3.
  • I am constantly looking for affordable hands-on workshop in photography here in Manila and I am now eyeing on Photoworld Manila. We’ll see… We’ll see… I’ve seen a few free workshops held by Nikon, but I’m not sure if they welcome registrants who use different brands and other workshops are quite far from my place. So yeah. Hopefully I get to join in any of them soon.

Other thing aside from photography…

  • I am thinking of hosting my own site and get my own domain. I registered to Nuffnang to have a much bigger community for bloggers, but when I discovered that blogs under (free and premium) cannot use third-party javascripts, which is a requirement to get the Nuffnang code, it got me into thinking to invest on a good web hosting site for me to be able to expand my knowledge and circle in the internet world. It’ll cost me around 5000 pesos a year. Sounds cheap actually, but I just have to know what to get before I purchase anything online.


There… That’s what I have been up to lately, aside from my full-time job and being a mom of a 6 year old kid. If you guys have any inputs on where I should host my blog with a free domain, or if you know any photography related blogs just leave a comment below.

Ayt. *winks*


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