Oh, shoot!

I cannot believe we are half way through this year. I feel like 2016 has just started but the days have gone by so fast. And since everything  seems to escalate quickly, Christmas kinda came in early for me…


I bought a new Canon EOS M3 after selling my Sony A5000.

I did a few research about the current best selling mirrorless cameras, and I believe M3 is one of the best as of date. I ain’t gonna write a review about it but I’ll share why I love it. I promise this is not going to be technical, cos I can’t. šŸ˜…

I got the 15-45mm kit which is perfect for group pictures and landscapes. 

It has a full touchscreen capability and it flips all the way to 180 degrees upward which is perfect for selfies. It can also tilt 45 degrees the other way to let you shoot overhead easily.

āœ… WiFi. Fast files transfer from camera to phone.

āœ… Remote shooting via phone. You only need to connect your phone to the camera’s wifi and you’re ready to shoot from a distance.

2 weeks with this and I’m already obsessed. I am still in the process of figuring out what else this little thing can do, but here’s a few shots I took using M3.

I cannot get my hands off of this, unless if I’m on remote shooting mode…

I barely know anything about photography because I only use the auto mode most of the time. But now, I want to maximize the use of this camera and I’d probably join workshops soon. Yes. Career kung career! Haha I have been reading a few tutorials and spending 10-minutes a day with it can make me better. Who knows, right?

Can’t wait to be good at this! 

*feeling positive*

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