6 Types of people you meet in UV Express

I have always been a commuter and spent quite some time in taking UV Express from south to north and vice versa. Everyday, I have to wrestle with waking up early to avoid long lines (and traffic, if possible) and getting off from work before rush hour (as if we can still know when that is cos it seems like we really cannot elude traffic in Manila). I face that five times a week! So, because of that, I have quite a few experience in lining up for long hours and riding UV Express shuttles. Unfortunately, no matter how much we want to be comfortable on the road, we just cannot shun people that we meet in terminals and in UV Express even if they are annoying af.

The blaster. People who crank the music so loudly and their phones’ brightness be at 100% (at night). I can somehow handle the former but the latter is really really irritating.


What to do if it’s you: Tone everything down a bit. Nobody wants to know your playlist and most certainly do not want to know about your news feeds, or if you’ve won a battle in COC or if you get a sugar rush in 3 moves.

The manspreader and she-baggers. The manspreader is the kind of guy who spread his legs wide open while the she-baggers are the type of women who use up seats/space for their bags.

What to do if it’s you: Umupo nang ayon sa bayad. Well, if you want more space for your bags or legs, then pay for two or three but if you only pay for a space that is good for one person, then you should keep your legs closed and place your bags on your lap.

The make-up artist/stylist. There are just some women who are good at doing a full-face makeup complete with powder, blush, a winged eyeliner, etc. while on the go. Luckily, I have not been in a UV with such kinda girl. But the ones who uses a loose powder and combing their long hair without minding the person seated next to them should be mindful that their hair is not good for breakfast or snacks.

What to do if it’s you:  This may not cause too much inconvenience to anyone but for me, personal grooming in public is inappropriate. You can brush your hair a little, do some re-touch and all, but mind not to jostle with the one seated next to you.

The snoopy. Whether you are reading a book, texting or checking your social media on your phone, this person wants to be on it.

What to do if it’s you: Get a data plan for your phone or bring any reading material so you wouldn’t check out others’.

But if you want to get rid of a nosy neighbor but can’t, then you gotta…


The loud talker. It could be talking to someone over the phone or to someone you’re with. We can’t avoid getting poor phone signals but we know when we’re talking a bit loud, right? I, for myself, know if I’m talking too loud. You should too, cos none of the other people in the UV is interested in your conversation with whoever.

What to do if it’s you: If you know that someone on the other line couldn’t hear you after a ton of hellos, just end the call and wait for him/her to call you back or you call ’em back.

The sleepyhead. Some people just cannot control their heads and loud snores when they’re in a deep sleep.

What to do if it’s you: I’m guilty to this, so you guys cannot blame us for being tired and sleepy. Lol. Sadly, we cannot do anything about it. But if you’re going to have 4 or more hours on the road, then you probably need a neck pillow so you can keep your head to yourself or try other positions.



These are just a few types of people we meet on our daily commute. What more in trains and buses? There’s the PDA, the stinker, the pole-hogger, the maniacs, snatchers, etc. But no matter how much annoying others are, I hope it won’t get in your nerves and make you lose your temper. Try to chill and just quickly get over it. šŸ˜‰

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