What I learned after 50 blog entries?

I got a congratulatory message from WordPress that thelifelately has reached 50 posts. YAY! I didn’t even noticed that! But if I was still on Tumblr, I’d probably get more than 50 because of re blogs! Lol.

I checked my archives from April 2015 and did a little run through on my entries. Most of them are blog linkups and others are about food and a few personal stuff. I don’t normally check the number of followers that I get because I don’t blog just to gain follows but to share a little something about myself, a little picture about my life lately. That’s what this blog is all about. I don’t want to label my blog (ie. food, photography, travel, etc.) because I don’t want to confine my posts to a particular category. I want it mainly to be about me, my thoughts, recent events that I’ve been in and whatnot – Jen’s life lately.

After 50 entries, I still don’t think that I am a good blogger. Of course I want to be good at this someday. But, it’ll surely take a lot of time and effort to really be a legit blogger. Still a work in progress yet not in a rush to perfection. Naks!

Enough with the intro. Let’s get to what this entry is about. When I shifted to WordPress, I remember telling to myself that I have to think first on what to write and also have challenged myself to write something original. Along the way, there are a few things that I learned…

  1. Find blogspirations. I am still on a quest on how to really make this blog effective and inviting (in a way). It is not something that can be done over night or in a short period of time. As I browse online, I have come across over a few bloggers who falls in different blog categories – travel, photography, life, food and fashion, and then from there, I get ideas on how to write intros and get a few tips and tricks in blogging. Don’t stop googling! There’s always a way to improve on something.
  2. Join blog linkups. It is kind of a weekly thing that I do every Friday (The Happy List) and Sunday (The Sunday Currently). Unfortunately, I have a few mishaps, but joining in such could aid us to really write something original and have friends online who also have the same interest – blogging. Of course, having a blog series would make your followers read something new on your blog, weekly.
  3. Write when you feel like it. Maybe this one’s easy to say for me because my blog has no label. I have not been sponsored to blog about something – food, gadgets, review about this and that. I guess writing about (your) life is one of the easiest thing to write because you get to experience it first hand. Pero sana in time, may mag pa sponsor din. Haha!
  4. Delve into different genres. The first time I blogged about food / cafe, I garnered around 360+ Facebook shares and I was like, “Wow! This could be a good start”. We just have to try new things. If it’s a hit, then keep on doing it. If not, more practice! Don’t stop learning.
  5. Practice taking good photos. I’ve started taking photos using my iPhone5 and use a few photo editing apps for enhancements but then I saved money to buy a real camera. Currently, I’m using Sony A5000. It actually doesn’t matter what you use – phone camera or DSLR or GoPro. It’s by having a good eye in taking photos 🙂
  6. Connect with other bloggers. Read other blogs. Post comments. Share your thoughts.
  7. Get a good phone application for image enhancements. Since I am no photoshop techy, I only use free mobile apps like Adobe Photoshop Fix and Phonto for adding text on images. It’s very easy to use and I can do it while on-the-go. But if you have real Photoshop and Lightroom skills, much much better.
  8. Jot down your thoughts before it slip away. In my experience, most of the time I couldn’t finish a blog post in one sitting especially when I write during office hours (of course during free time at work) and sometimes it comes into my senses whenever I am on the road to somewhere. So before I lost that thought, I make sure to jot it down on my notes and see if I could write something from it.
  9. Tags is the key to reach audience. Not the #likeforlike #likeforfollow kind of tags. Of course, in blogging etiquette, you gotta use the proper tags. Don’t get overboard with the variety of tags. Tags are primarily used to help your readers find posts on the topics they’re interested in quickly. Use those that are really what your post is about. (Source)
  10. Always use a featured image and try not to be lazy to put on titles. Why?

I still have a lot of things to learn and to discover. I now have 50 blog entries, a few likes and shares on some of my posts and a little over 30 followers. So far, so good and I can’t wait what will be next for thelifelately. I wonder what my readers or other bloggers have learned in blogging. Hmm comment box is open, guys!  🙂

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