Forever Young

I have been to Enchanted Kingdom for around 4 times already because of school field trips that I consistently join, but I’ve never even tried the extreme rides. Maybe I was too young that time and didn’t have enough courage to try the Wheel of Fate or the Space Shuttle, but now that I’m on my 20s, I still feel the same! HAHAHA!

This might be my 5th time in EK but this marks my first theme park experience with my main man, and it couldn’t be any better.

En route to Laguna (which only took us about 30-45mins from Cavite via MCX), I was late to be informed that we cannot say NO to whatever the group wants to ride, but knowing that Bryan has the craziest cousins ever, I kind of figured that out beforehand. Pero kinakabahan pa rin ako the whole time!!


Grand Carousel
You know what our first ride was?

And I was like, “Extreme agad! Wala bang pang warm up muna?!” Hahaha! Obviously, they left me with no other choice but to join them. I have an utmost fear of heights! I can’t even walk near the mall railings from the 4th floor and cannot walk in open-side footbridge along EDSA without shaking. This was the highest ever I’ve been in in my entire life!! When we were on our way to the top, I was peeking on a good view of EK. Ganda ng view! But I couldn’t make my eyes opened for too long because I’m acrophobic. It was the scariest 2 minutes of my life, but I conquered it. *slow clap*


‘Twas a great feeling to face your fears and being able to conquer over it. Ang yabang. Haha! Pero hindi ko alam kung uulitin ko pa.. Hahaha!

Second: Anchor’s Away

Anchor’s Away
Sabi sa signage, 1 hour beyond this point daw, then we’re like…


Kamusta naman si Kuya at the back?! Lol

All of ’em were pushing me that I can ride the Anchor’s Away, mej kabado ako kasi may pag-iwan ng kaluluwa dito eh. Hahaha!

And there’s no backing out… Surprisingly, I enjoyed this ride! Bryan also enjoyed laughing at me the whole time! I was screaming my heart out, siya naman tawa ng tawa. Such a bully!


Bryan: Ulitin natin!

Me: Bakit naman?

Bryan: Kasi don ka lang napapayakap sakin ng mahigpit e.

Me: ….

Oo na. Yakap na yakap na! Halos kainin ko na nga siya dahil sa kaba ko e. Hahaha!

Third: Jungle Log Jam

(c) Enchanted Kingdom



We have free drinks plus EK tumblers. Cute!


Fourth: 7D Interactive Motion Theater

7D Interactive Motion Theater
If you’re planning to see this before Rialto, you’d probably not gonna try the latter after you experience 7D.


Fifth: Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay

Pagpag: Siyam na buhay
The scariest horror house ever! As in! Must try! *note the sarcasm*


Sixth: Rio Grande Rapids

(c) Enchanted Kingdom

We lined up for about an hour at nasulit talaga yung pinila namin sa Rio Grande kasi basang basa talaga kami! HAHAHA!

Last stop: Flying Fiesta

Flying Fiesta
I was too tired to line up, so I didn’t join them here. *reasons*

‘Twas indeed a super fun day! Sayang, we didn’t get to try the Fun Kart and Extreme Paintball. But, no worries. There’s always a next time.


Here are a few photos I took around EK. (View in full size.)




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