Day Out with Girlfriends

After 16574987980 years… We finally get to hang out again, and see each other naked. Lol

And because it’s quite hard for us to go out as much, sinulit namin ang araw na ‘to. We have allotted one whole day to relax at Wensha Spa Pasay branch.

(c) tripadvisor

Starting off at Mieji’s place…

Breakfast at Selerio’s
We also had the chance to play with Bebe, Mieji’s daughter. Sobrang cute! Time flies talaga. Before, we only used to carry books when we were in college, pero ngayon, baby na hawak namin. Hahaha! It’s nice to witness such things in your friends’ lives. Sino kaya ang next? Hmmm.

After breakfast, we rode a UV from Cavite going to Wensha Spa Pasay branch. We arrived around 10am. Of course, may lakad bang walang nale-late kahit isa? Haha! Mas na late pa ung pinaka malapit sa Pasay. Haha!

The waiting game (for Karen) selfie

The lobby is not air conditioned, so since we’re all getting sweaty, we decided to just wait for Karen inside. We availed their 830 pesos promo which includes all-day-buffet, free access to the steam sauna and Jacuzzi, plus a 1-hour full body massage. They give us bracelets for our lockers. Pero nasaan ang susi? Secret.. Haha!

The waiting game continues…

Dining area
Crisselle and Mieji
Cherry and Jen
It took around half an hour before Karen arrived. Alam na.. Kain na, agad-agad! What a good way to start the day!


Wensha Spa’s version of Shabu-Shabu


Finally… (pwede na kumain!)

Taking turns in getting our food.

Mieji’s preparing our shabu shabu. Nom nom.
 And then there’s silence… Busy na sa pagkain! *winks*

After we had our brunch, it’s le sexy time.. Haha! We’re not allowed to wear anything, even towels, if we’re going to use the Jacuzzi. So, all out talaga sa Jacuzzi. Syempre sa una, hiya hiya pa ang mga loka! Hahaha! Good thing, Wensha Spa offers disposable underwear for 20 pesos. I seriously cannot go totally naked so I bought a disposable see-through underwear. Yes. See-through siya. Much better than not wearing anything. So, G na din!

Cameras aren’t allowed in the locker room, Jacuzzi and steam sauna area, so my friends have nothing to worry. I didn’t take any (naked) photos of them, but if I were a bitch that time I’d probably take a few. Hahaha! Just kidding.

The after-steam sauna-look


And because we did sweat a lot, kain pa more ulit!

Super relaxed din for a day without our boyfriends! HAHAHA! Di ba? Di ba? 😀


Pagkatapos ng pahinga sa pag kain, we head to the massage room for our 1-hour Shiatsu and Swedish massage. In fairness naman sa massage, very relaxing. Ang tahimik namin. After the massage, the masseuse hand over a paper for us to fill out with our name and amount of tip that we’re going to give. Take note, mandatory ang tip. Pero, okay lang pasado naman sa kin ung massage.

It was my first experience in Wensha and first time to have a full body massage. I enjoyed our stay and also because I am with my favorite girlfriends! xoxo

Wrapping up the day at Mall of Asia to meet Gian (far right) for dinner. IMG_5872[1]

Always a good time with these girls… When’s the next one?



“Growing apart doesn’t change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I’m glad for that.” – Ally Condie



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