50 Random Things About Me

  1. When I have my earphones on, I am not shy to mouth the words even in public, but I don’t sing my heart out in public. That’d be too awkward. Music is my way out of this crazy world.   
  2. I have fear of heights. I am not comfortable walking in an open-side footbridge across EDSA.
  3. I am not into seafood, but I’m okay with fish (except milkfish/bangus) and mussels.
  4. I can’t go on a day without listening to music.
  5. I don’t like dark chocolates or anything with raisins
  6. The song that I want to be played on my wedding day is “I was made for loving you”
  7. I have always wanted to sing acoustic in a cozy bar even though I have stage fright and my voice isn’t that good. Kebs.
  8. I can’t leave home without my phone, ipod and earphones, purse and lip tint.
  9. I can’t sleep in any other position than facing left.
  10. I am impatient. Yeah. Sadly. I don’t like waiting.
  11. Fruit juice/shakes, Arizona and Starbucks are my kind of drink.
  12. My memory sucks. So if you want to have someone to share your secrets with, it’ll be safe with me cos I tend to forget things easily.  (Did I just rhyme?)
  13. I’m not fond of wearing any jewelries, except earrings.
  14. Sunrise and sunset.
  15. Airplanes. Whether they are up in the sky or not in motion, I find happiness seeing airplanes.
  16. I am not-so organized with my things. I repeat, not so.
  17. I struggle in saving money. Haha! Not that I splurge and buy expensive stuff, except (cheap) food.
  18. I enjoy reading YAs
  19. I stalk people online. Mainly my exes and crushes. Parang ang dami noh? Konti lang haha! 
  20. I know how to smoke but I don’t smoke. Not even a social smoker, unless the pressure is irresistible. Lol *seriously kidding*
  21. I have low tolerance in alcohol. I’ve never been drunk cos I stop drinking whenever I feel a lil bit tipsy.
  22. Cocktails > Beer. Apple/Lemon flavored beer is acceptable.
    10858386_1089947824355075_1106374845275643444_n 10850068_1089947751021749_8901442593736009284_n
  23. I strongly believe that change is the only constant thing in the world
  24. I want to be someone’s best friend.
  25. Someone fell in love with me because of my pickup lines which were intended only to joke around friends and unfortunately, that someone kind of took it seriously.
  26. Beach.

    Cebu 2015
  27. I am okay to talk about sex. I think I’m at the right age and a little matured enough to talk about such. Syempre to people who are close to me lang.
  28. I have never been in a club – the Hyve, 71 Gramercy and Privé kind. In short, yung pang sosyal na bar. Lol
  29. I don’t have trust issues. I can easily trust people. Not sure if that’s a good thing.
  30. I hate feeling out of place. As much as possible I try not to be around with people that I barely know. I’d rather be alone cos I really cannot stand the feeling of not being able to fit in. Yung tipong kahit anong hirit ko, waley? Ganern. I’d try though. I’m good at small talks, but I sort of can feel if that small conversations would work out or not.
  31. I’m quite a cry baby when I’m mad.
  32. I write at the last page of a notebook first.
  33. I love colorful and cute stationeries!
  34. I love the city lights. I think that’s my ideal place for a date or a night out, with a good view of the city.
  35. I’m one of the few people who still use prepaid cards, to think that I’m using an iPhone. Lol Don’t expect too much, guys. I don’t like bill shocks that’s why I’m not on postpaid.
  36. I used to be an eyeliner freak. Like, I cannot leave home without having my eye makeup done. But now, I figured that I have to have my eyebrows fixed.
  37. I am vain. A cam whore. The truth is, “Tanging bisyo ko lang ang mag selfie.” Lels. So here… *I’ll just share 3 photos para iwas umay*
    IMG_5557[1] 10360708_1132691336747390_2959208407189819925_n10641117_1183607188322471_3218452307162662146_n

    Pwede? Pwede na rin.

  38. I’ve always always wanted to travel or even live in the US or somewhere in Europe. Gusto ko pa rin hanggang ngayon. Well, if time permits.
  39. Guys used to be my weakness. I used to be easily attracted with good looking guys with pointy nose, fair skin plus good sense of humor. I used to. Okay? I used to. Ulitin ko pa, para clear? Hahaha! It means that I have overcome my weakness. NAKS!10383088_976371999045992_3225941733058709405_n
  40. As a girlfriend, I let my man do whatever he wants. My only rule is to let me know where he is and who he’s with and to message me when he gets home after a late night out with friends. That’s mainly it. He does not need to ask my permission, like if he wants to kill himself. Go. Haha. Jk. If he wants to go out and be with friends, it’s fine with me as long as he let’s me know where they’re going.
  41. I’ve worn braces twice.
  42. I have a tendency to be a reckless driver. Lol
  43. I’ve been on and off in blogging. Before, I used to write all the dramas that I have in life but then I kind of realize that bad things are not worth sharing. I think I’ve become matured enough on what to share online and what’s not (I hope so).
  44. Forever NSYNC fan.
  45. I was courted by 2 boys at the same time – same school – same class. Yup, boys. That was in Grade 6. Hahaha! a r t e. I ended up with no one cos both of them are my friends. Shit. Ang showbiz ng sagot. Haha!
  46. I want to dance again, if given the chance. R&B or Hip Hop.
  47. A Walk to Remember is my ultimate favorite movie. Landon Carter is an ideal guy.
  48. Friday is my favorite F word. As if.
  49. I have mentioned that my memory sucks, but when someone did something rude or if someone broke my trust, I hardly forget such.
  50. I snore, sometimes. Haha!

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