Pet Peeves

In no particular order…

  1. Getting “Please like..”, “Thanks sa likes..”, “Thanks sa accept..” comments on Facebook.
  2. Sick people near me who cough and/or sneeze without covering their mouth.
  3. Long-haired girls riding PUVs who aren’t aware enough where their hair goes even if it’s right on my face
  4. Being rude to someone if you cannot ride his/her weirdness. Kung hindi mo gusto yung trip ko, wala kayong pake. Haha!
  5. Peeking at or reading someone else’s phone. My phone.
  6. Catcalls. Some girls, even when they’re all covered up, they still get this.
  7. In riding PUVs, I hate it when guys don’t move forward to give space for the girl seated next to him to have her back rest. Kapag talagang masikip, guys should be the one to adjust. Mas pet peeve ko toh kesa sa mga lalaking hindi nagpapa upo sa bus. I understand guys on why they don’t always give their seats, napapagod din naman sila. I just hope all men know how to sit properly in PUVs and not rest their elbows/arms on girls’ boob or thighs.
  8. When people that I know don’t tell me that I have something in my teeth and/or eyes or dirt on my face. Dude, that’s the end of our friendship. Lol. But seriously, if you’re really a friend, you wouldn’t want to embarrass your friend by not telling how bad s/he looks.
  9. Push button (self closing) sink faucets. I have to push the faucet every after 5-8 seconds. Yeah, I timed it once! It’s the most annoying thing everrr. I know its purpose is to conserve water… but, urgh. I’d rather use a dipper to wash my hands.
  10. Drivers who don’t use their signal lights which is just a basic thing you have to do all the F time.
  11. Slow walkers.
  12. When service crew forget to give tissues when I order food over the counter or drive thru.
  13. Guys who are too cocky.
  14. Girls who are too loud in public.
  15. People who don’t know when to use or even say “Excuse me.”

I still have a ton of pet peeves. Oh well, just a few J Things.

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