Thoughts about #ShoutYourAbortion

This has been on my drafts for more than a week, but I was kind of hesitant to share this. Idk. I’m not sure if it’s okay or not, but I guess there’s nothing wrong in sharing your opinions. And if you happen to read this, I wanna know your thoughts… Seriously. I’m not asking for a debate or anything, just, I just wanna know what you think about abortion. That’s it. I had to cut my thoughts after the last line in this post. I even don’t know if I made any sense, but here’s mine:

Abortion. Big word and a big thing, at least for me. Over the weekend, I noticed that people are sharing their ‘abortion stories’ on twitter with #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag and to my surprise, most of them were proud of what they did.

I am not going to feature tweets of people who felt happy with their decision of undergoing abortion, but here’s my thoughts about it (no worries, I am not going to mention anything biblical)

  • If a girl doesn’t want to get pregnant and maybe both parties aren’t ready to have a baby, why didn’t you use condoms or birth control pills?
  • If you can’t afford to have a kid or your main goal at that time is your career, family, etc. you should’ve thought of having protected sex than having an abortion. Why is it that most men don’t want to wear condoms? Lol For me, I am not into birth control pills because most of the time, what you need to control is yourself and not depend just on contraceptives.
  • Maybe a few years ago, you had an abortion and right now, you still think that what you did was a good idea because you’re in the right place in your career and you’re in the kind of life that you really want. Good for you, I guess, but, I think at some point in your life, the abortion procedure that you did still haunts you. The thought of not letting the baby in you witness the beauty of this world is quite terrifying.
  • Maybe you had an abortion once… Why did you do it the second time? The third time? ‘Cmon. Is it really that easy to have yourselves pleased in sex but afraid of taking the responsibilities to be a parent?

To be honest, I actually once thought of undergoing an abortion. Yes. I got pregnant at an early age. I was in college and I wasn’t ready – financially, emotionally, physically, in everything. It kept running in my mind when I figured that I got pregnant. I actually was like, “This. Cant. Be. Happening.” But it happened. It happened at the time where we both weren’t ready. But I kept the baby and it’s one of the best decisions I made. Where did I get the courage to keep the baby? I was backed up by my own family, though it was hard for them to accept it and it actually took them quite a while before everything sunk in to their senses and also my boyfriend was there for me. He didn’t leave us. He took care of his responsibility as a dad. We were both still in school. We both have plans for our own life but everything has to be changed. A lot of things have to be re-planned and some needs to be left behind.

Change. Maybe that’s what we fear most, the sudden change in life after giving birth. I can’t name them all, but one thing’s for sure, having a kid will certainly change you in every way, especially your priorities. But it’s part of it. It’s part of what you did. You just have to accept the truth that you did it and you just can’t go away with it, at least in a few states where abortion is not legal. Having abortion legalized in a couple of states makes it the best option to most people than keeping the baby because you’ll not tie yourself in a responsibility for a lifetime. I get you. I totally understand it. But it saddens me that one’s life has to be taken away for us to have a better life.

Why is it that realization comes when a wrong move has already been done? Maybe because our thoughts of the possibilities in our actions are already in front of us and have become f*ckin real. Yeah. We all wish we shouldn’t have done it. If you could turn back time, you should’ve thought of using contraceptives or control yourselves not to be involved in any sexual activities with your boy/girlfriend, that you should’ve had protected sex. But, you didn’t.

Why does it need to happen more than once? Why undergo abortion more than once? That’s life right there in your tummy. Haven’t you learned your lesson? God. Do you even have a heart? I can probably accept the first time regardless of your reasons, but doing it the second, third, fourth time? Seriously?

I am sorry if I sound that I am judging on people who had an abortion. I’m sorry. It’s just. It’s just that, it does not need to happen more than once, atleast.

But, if you’re going to ask me, will I ever consider having an abortion if I got pregnant at the time that is not convenient to me (again)? No. I’m sure I have learned from my mistakes before and having a kid again at the wrong time, will not be called a mistake anymore. Takot ko lang sa nanay ko. Once is enough. I promise, that on the second time, it’ll be a perfect time.

What if I got raped and got pregnant, will I consider abortion? No. If this happens to me (knocks hard on wood), I’d probably keep it until I give birth and maybe give to an orphanage or someone who wants to have a baby. Or I’d probably keep it. I don’t know. I can’t see myself having an abortion. The word itself is already hair-raising, scary and will never give me real peace.

I hope the youth in this generation will be more knowledgeable about relationships and sex and to those who have experienced abortion, make that the last time that you’re going to do it. Remember that you’re taking away from him/her the gift of life.

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