What August has been about

Weekend drive

Twitter active

(I think) I did good in blogging about food

Got back into reading YA

Cheap dates with boyfriend after work

Getting through dreary days

Staying up late almost every night

August has been quite a time for me to delve into new things, like blogging about anything under the sun. Teehee. Here’s something that surprised me…

When I posted about my experience in Beantage Cafe, I was so happy from the blog statistics that I was getting.

Acceptable for a beginner, right? Right? Lol

I discovered that the owner of the said cafe was happy to read my blog so she shared my post, then I gained a few follows, likes and views. *kilig* Since then, I started trying new cafe/res taus near my place and try to write something about it. (Shout out to my boyfriend for the cheap dates and for letting me take pictures of the food and patiently waiting before touching it. Haha) Yes. It kind of inspired me to write more and invest on a camera to get a good quality photos. And yes (again), I’m taking this blog to the next level! So, stay tuned. LOL Kiddin aside, I want to try and make this blog relevant (at least).

My weekends were mostly spent with my family because it’s the only time that I can. I rarely go out with friends so I am usually stuck at home every weekend.

Sigh. August was kinda hasty but went surely fine.

UH. Oh. And, AlDub love team keeps me alive everyday at work! Lol That’s basically why I’ve been active on twitter. Haha!

This month’s lessons:

  • Make time on anything you want to achieve.
  • There’s always room for improvement.
  • Make your money lasts til the next pay day. Lol
  • Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. Practice photography.
  • There’s no harm in trying new things.
  • Keep writing. Blog with sense! Refrain from writing your dramas in life or something that is not worth remembering.


BER-months are here! Can’t wait what else this world will bring.

How August has been for you? đŸ™‚

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