Songs to listen on repeat / 02

I have been on my looniest self because of my obsession in the remarkable love team in the Philippines, AlDub. I’ve been active on twitter and because of them I follow a few AlDub fans club on twitter. (Say whut?!) I was never a consistent twitter user, I never mind the tweets from the celebs that I follow and rarely participate on using hashtags until AlDub pops out and just made all the difference. It walloped me tremendously (WOW!) I even blogged about the reasons why I love AlDub. What else? Oh, and I watch their replays every single day and night (not exaggerating). I am serious! Grabe talaga!

I AM THAT CRAZY. You guys have to take me to #AlDubRehab Hahaha! *winks*

Anyways, since AlDub is all for kilig, here’s a 20-minute playlist that is worth playing on repeat. Promise!


Any song that is stuck in your mind lately? I would love to know! πŸ™‚

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