The Happy List | 09

1. I finally get to drive 80kph! Imus-Cavitex-MOA route. Yey!

2. Parked straight!

3. BO’s hot White Chocolate Mocha. Sabi ko, tall ung size. Applicable lang pala sa Starbucks yon. Haha!

White Chocolate Mocha

4. Because of my obsession in AlDub, I was able to make a quick post about the reasons why I love AlDub. I got nice blog statistics!

5. Currently reading PS I Still Love You. I fell in love with it already.

6. Cold weather. Not much of the rain, though.

7. Knitted pull-overs. Obsessed.

8. Joint birthday celebration of my sister and cousin Steph at Seafood Paluto. The whole clan of De Guzman were present plus my brother’s girlfriend was formally introduced to the family as well. Had fun with Karaoke and lots of seafood.




I MADE A BUTTON! Since this is a blog link-up, it would be nice if you guys include the button at the end of your entry to spread the word. Not required. 🙂

The Life Lately
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