Reasons why I love AlDub

Kailangan pa ba i-explain? Lol. I’ll make a short background story na lang. Teehee.

This post is in tag-lish. Please be advised. *winks*

And because I am so hooked in AlDub, wala ako ibang ginawa kundi i-repeat ang panunuod sa kanila sa YouTube. Since, I have limited time to spend for lunch because of work, I wait until past 3pm so that I could watch na lang on YouTube. Kebs na if my workmates see me watching them (on repeat). I must admit, super hooked ako! 🙂

AlDub is unexpectedly a phenomenal love team hit that started in the long running noon time show in the Philippines, Eat Bulaga.

Maine Mendoza, who is known as Yaya Dub, was discovered because of her dubsmash videos. Who would have thought that her boredom will lead her to fame that quick? Even Maine, could not believe how big AlDub is right now.

READ: Yaya Dub Files and hear it straight from her.

On the other hand, Alden Richards has been on hiatus in showbiz for quite some time, but he managed to be patient and wait until the perfect time for him to flourish, and that is now. Tbh, I was not a fan of him before, pero ngayon, jusko! Ang lakas ng dating. Walang mapag lagyan ang kilig ko…

Still overwhelmed with all the attention, no one can deny how much thrill and kilig they bring every day and even over night. Grabe! Ung effect sakin hanggang sa pagtulog kinikilig pa din e. Haha!

Sooo. To get to the point of what this post is all about, the real question is, why am I obsessing over AlDub?

1. The kilig comes out naturally. Probably some of it are scripted, e nakakakilig pa rin talaga. Pero their reactions whenever they’re on split screen, iba e. Iba talaga.



2. Their hashtags are on point. Always trending worldwide!







3. Alden Richards is truly the ultimate “Pambansang BAE”

HSB. 😎 #ThatsMyBae

A photo posted by Alden Richards (@aldenrichards02) on Jul 16, 2015 at 6:42pm PDT



4. No signs of arte si Yaya Dub on TV. Maganda at mukang elegante in real life but she obviously enjoys her vain side which is yung pag exaggerate ng facial expressions niya. Ang cute niya pa rin. #fangirling #GirlCrush

5. No pretensions. Minsan hindi ko alam kung si Yaya Dub ba ung pinapanuod ko o si Maine Mendoza eh. ayeeee.

6. They look cute together. As in. Hindi sila tao. Bagay sila… BAGAY!!

7. A lot of people are hopeful that they’ll end up together in real life. Isa na ako don. Sana… *wishful thinking*

8. The “tamang panahon” mentality that Lola Ni Dora has been telling us all along ay totoong lesson naman talaga, especially for the youth. Pero minsan nakakainip. Parang ung pag aantay sa “tamang panahon” for Alden and Maine, ay Yaya Dub pala. Haha!


10. Obviously, I’m obsessed…

Summing this up with this song….

“Sometimes, it’s good to wait. Oo. Nakakainip. Pero malay mo, it’ll be worth the wait.”

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