The Happy List | 07

The Happy List is where I list the things that made me smile and appreciate the littlest of things in life within the week.

  1. Got “Your stats are booming!” from WordPress because my foodie post about the Beantage Cafe got 352 Facebook shares. I actually never expected it to happen since it was just a short and simple post about my experience in the cafe. Surprisingly, the owner tweeted me, sent love from instagram by liking my photo and then out of the blue, I searched her name on Facebook and figured that she shared my blog because she was happy about it. And you know what? She wanted to give me complimentary drinks for two on my next visit! Wow! (I bet people will start showing up in her cafe after reading this and blog to get free drinks, LOL) But honestly, how nice of her to do that, right? 🙂 But I feel shy to visit. I kind of imagined dropping by in her cafe and just say to the crew that, ‘Hey, I am the one who blogged about your cafe. Can I get my free drinks for two?’ Hahaha. I’m not that rude and have no courage to initiate. But seriously, even without the free drinks, I’d visit over and over again. 🙂

    Sorry for showing your name girl… But I guess I just have to because you’re so nice ❤
  2. Getting weekly hi-res photos is the best email that I get every week. Sometimes, frustrated bloggers like me depend on subscriptions from the internet for a weekly dose of hi-res stock photos because there are times that we are too busy with other things aside from blogging and we couldn’t get to take quality photos and stuff by ourselves. Sniff.
  3. Text Cast subscription from Benedictine Institute of Learning. My daughter is currently studying in BIL. One of their nicest offers is text cast. If parents/guardians avail text cast for 500pesos, which is good for the whole school year, they would get texts from the school for advisories like class suspensions and when their kids’ grades are uploaded online. What I most like about text cast is getting a message of the time in and outs of the kid/s in the school premises. As a mom who is away from home because of work, I kind of feel at ease whenever I get a message from school that my kid arrived safe and knowing the time she left. I super like it. I hope other schools would consider having this too.
  4. Survived 2 weeks before the next payroll.. HAHA! It has quite been a while that I couldn’t save money up to the next pay day. Not that I spend a lot on things that are unnecessary, it’s just that I couldn’t, before. It has changed a lot now and I’m super thankful. 🙂
  5. Makeup Artist Paints Wonderful, Whimsical Scenes Of Adorable Cats On Eyelids. The cutest thing ever!
  6. Helped a friend to sell his iPhone4s. 😉
  7. Where Are Ü Now by Gardiner Sisters ft. Madilyn Paige (Cover)
  8. Muchin on Hello Panda almost everyday! My sweet tooth always looks for its taste all the time!
  9. Finally, I was able to join my cell group’s conquest for the students in Cavite State University in Imus Cavite. Wow. Just wow. It’s nice to be back and be part of something that the Lord really wants – to share the good news of salvation. 🙂
  10. Driving my brother’s new 2nd hand Honda Civic, Lol. My mom sometimes gets a mini heart attack, though. Haha!


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