What’s in my (everyday) bag?

1. Purse. Money, driver’s license and my cards (government, membership and discount cards) are all in here. I have a separate purse for coins and also thinking of having a card holder for my cards. So that in case that my purse got stolen, I’d still have my IDs.

2. iPod and earphones. You know when you have 2 hours to kill before you get to work in the morning and after work (which sums up to 4-6 hours on the road dealing with shizz)? Music always keep me company. I have iPod classic from my boyfriend. It’s 160GB. It has a thousand songs already and I still couldn’t consume the memory. I have to update the songs, though. Teehee.

3. Starbucks Planner and black and pink pen. Obviously, I use these for writing purposes. Lol

4. Makeup kit and other toiletries. I only use basic makeup everyday, like powder, eyebrows and lip tint. Before, I couldn’t go on a day without eyeliner, but when I figured that I need to have my brows fixed the most, I ditched the eyeliner. I don’t usually do re-touch on mid-day because I’m that lazy. I don’t even brush my hair. Haha!

What I use:

  • Eyebrows – Max Factor Kohl Pencil (030 Brown)
  • Eyes – Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner (Black)
  • Lips – Delight Tony Tint from TonyMoly (Cherry Pink)
  • Face – Loreal Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder  (Vanilla Ivory)

5. iPhone. Not in the picture because it’s the only thing I could use to take photos. Haha! Couldn’t go on a day without it.

6. Umbrella. Not in the picture, again. Fail. Anyway, just in case. You’ll never know the weather in Manila. It’s color pink as well.

7. Prescription Glasses.  Not really a must-wear everyday. I was prescribed to wear glasses because of astigmatism but still can go on a day without it. It’s a Betsey Johnson winged eyeglasses and it’s kinda fancy, so if I wanna make myself look a bit sweet, then I’d wear it. #GandaPoints


I promise to take pictures next time, haha! I hope naming the brands would give you an idea of what particularly are in my bag. I want to know yours! Comment in here your blog post and I’d tweet it.

Make sure to cleanup your bag at the end of the day! 🙂

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