Foodie: Beantage Cafe

Original plan was to go to Prosperitea but my tummy kinda wanted to eat as well. So I asked my boyfriend if we could just go to Beantage Cafe since we both haven’t tried there yet (and at the back of my mind, I thought the place is instagram-friendly so I tried to convince him. Haha). And we did.

Beantage Cafe is just a small yet cozy space with good food and coffee (I assume at first and was proven right. Naks!) When you see it from the outside, you’d probably not be impressed. But when I set foot in Beantage Cafe, I was like, Wow. This place is so artsy.

Wall designs are hand-painted; most quotes are coffee-related. It does not look dull at all because of the playful colors that they used.

IMG_4849[1]IMG_4851[1]It was jam packed when my boyfriend and I visited, but the spot that we got was the couch so I didn’t bother. I actually wanted to take pictures inside but I was too shy and I don’t want to get attention from other people while taking photos of the place.


The food was so good. We tried their best sellers (to be safe for first timers. Lol)

Bacon Ham Carbonara (P115)
Bacon Ham Carbonara (P115)

This is good for one serving. It is still quite your typical carbonara with bacon and ham but it was tasty. It wasn’t dry and not too creamy. Balanced, as I could say. I bet you’ll end up asking for another plate of carbonara.

Crispy Bacon Roll ups (P135)
Crispy Bacon Roll ups (P135)

It says that this is good for 2 servings. If my boyfriend wasn’t with me, I’d probably can finish this alone. Haha!

Cheese rolled up with bacon. THE BEST!
Cheese rolled up with bacon. THE BEST!
Oreo Caramel (P155) and Iced White Chocolate (P120)
Oreo Caramel (P155) and Iced White Chocolate (P120)

The feeling when you get more than what you pay for? Nothing beats my fave Starbucks but this is probably my second favorite blended drinks that you must try! πŸ˜‰

I could say that I enjoyed every munch and every sip. They also have WiFi, so if you’re an online freak and you wanna check-in right away, just ask for their password. Props to the crew too. They’re all nice.

When it’s time to bill out, this is how they do it… Simple, but cute. Those are coffee beans, by the way.


I will surely visit Beantage Cafe again! πŸ™‚

Location: #55 Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Imus, Cavite (near Patindig Araw)




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