The Happy List | 06

The Happy List is where I list the things that made me smile and appreciate the littlest of things in life within the week.

1. Spotify’s Discover feature is the best. The first thing I do the moment I sit at my work area is to put my headphones on, go on Spotify and listen to good music. Real good music. Aah. Can’t go on a day without it. Seriously.

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And when I’ve found the beat in the song, I’d do a head dance/nod crazy. Teehee.

2. Sky Flakes Condensada, my daily munch.

3. Arriving at work by 7am, having 7:45am as the latest and leaving by 4pm. Aside from the productiveness that I commit to do at work, I can also do more things when I get home early. It’s true that when you start to do things early, you get to accomplish more – not just in the office but at home as well.

(Read: 9 Things we should do everyday before 9am.)

4. Weekend drive. I get to drive my brother’s car.

5. Gab Valenciano’s VLOGS. I thought Gab’s just a great dancer like his dad, but when he exposed himself and explore other things on what he can do like videography, darn. He’s really good.

6. Weekend shopping.

7. The #DontJudgeChallenge of this guy. So cute! Haha

8. Hearing great words from my friend, Kim. He kinda always get me into thinking about a lotta stuff. Haha

9. App called Happy Pet Story: Virtual Pet Game. You’ll see it under Kids section, though. Winks.

10.  Starbucks planner, gel pens and oatmeal bar. I like it when I get to maximize the space in my planner because the ones in Starbucks has limited space and it’s quite frustrating sometimes when I have to squeeze in everything and make it all fit in the allotted space. It’s also where I write my daily devotion. 🙂

PS. I know this is waaay overdue but I think I had to compile my happy list for the past 3 weeks here because I actually don’t want to publish the ‘list’ with less than 5 items. (I guess I’m pretty sad during the past days, lol). So yeah. Forgive me on this one.

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