The Sunday Currently | Vol. 04

LISTENING to Kehlani’s You Should Be Here album. On repeat.

READING Just One Day by Gayle Forman. I am half way through it, but still rooting over David Levithan’s creations. And, I don’t know when will I ever get over YAs. 

OBSESSING over cars. Been to showrooms every weekend and talking to my colleagues about cars and I’ve never felt to fit in with a group of guys whenever we talk about cars, until now. Lol I guess I’m really one of the boys, ever since. Winks

THINKING about gay marriage. Not that I am against it or hate the third gender, but… I dunno. Can’t say.

HOPING to adjust my body clock earlier than the usual for me to get to join the carpool every morning. Dude, standing in the bus and going from one PUV to another thrice just to get to work is super hassle and deadly. Haha so I think joining a carpool to work is really a good idea and the lil sacrifice that I have to do is to wake up at 4:30am which I hope that I can manage. Haha!

WISHING for Sony RX 100 Mark iii. 

LOVING how my kid welcomes me when I get home after work. Whenever she heard the gate opens, she’ll shout “Mommy!!” like we haven’t seen each other for a loooong time. I get kilig when she does that.

NEEDING a massage. My girls have been planning to get a full body massage bonding but have not made up our minds where. Any suggestions?

FEELING Okay to be the only girl in the group. I don’t know why I can’t keep mum about this, maybe a part of me still wants/hoping to have another girl that I can talk to about girl stuff. But my guy friends at work are somehow comfortable in sharing their dark secrets even if I’m not a bro. Hehe I hope I could do the same, but uh. We’ll see. Winks

WANTING to have a hair makeover at Ménage Premier Salon. It’s just a matter of when, but hopefully next month after I finish my to-buy list. Hihi

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