Instagram clean-up.

From over 400+ photos since year 2012, I am down to 0. Yep. I deleted them all. All. Of. It (But maybe I have less than 10 photos uploaded already before I publish this post). Of course I was hesitant to do it at first, and even asked myself why the hell should I dump them all. A friend of mine even told me that I deleted not just the pictures, but memories. Uh. Yes, in a way. But that didn’t make me worry because I have the soft copies. It’s just that, I think I just realized that I’ve been using Instagram the wrong way. Most of my photos were taken randomly, something crappy or most of it were annoying selfies of mine with trying hard filters to make it look fancy. Yes, I have been there before. Now, I am making a big reset.

I am annoyed of following people (that I personally know. Please don’t be mad at me…) in all their social sites and see the same thing thrice in my news feed on Facebook is really irritating. Like, if their Instagram is linked to Twitter and/or Tumblr then both are linked to Facebook, then Facebook will show their tweets, Tumblr and Instagram posts all at once with that same thing. Ugh. Bakit ba hindi na lang isang account lang ung direct na naka link sa Facebook kung pare parehas lang naman ung ishshare(i.e Instagram post), coz their Facebook friends would still see their posts regardless of what social media they’re using basta naka-link. I am very particular in what I share online. I kind of think/want that my friends would have something different to see on my Instagram that is not linked/posted in Facebook.

Henceforth, here’s what I want to do:

1. Do not link Instagram in Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram users are obliged to square their photos, so we’re not really seeing the whole picture but the best squared part of it.  I hardly ever take squared photos. Initially, I take a full shot and then squared it in Instagram. Upon posting, instead of linking it directly to other social sites before posting the picture, I have decided to have a separate upload on my other accounts so that they could get to see the whole shot. Linking it to Twitter upon hitting the post button only makes you share the Instagram link and not the picture itself. When I’m on Twitter, I am kind of lazy to tap on the Instagram link just to see the picture. So, I have decided that instead of having your followers check on your Instagram link, upload it on Twitter directly instead.

2. Choose your filters and use just a right amount of it on your pictures.

Do not settle on Instagram filters. The filters and other tools to alter the image quality is quite improving though compared to its first release in 2012(?). Try to use VSCOcam and Afterlight, you might be missing out on what they CAN do.

3. Hashtags

I hardly ever include hashtags as captions in Instagram. Instead, I comment the hashtags right after I ticked the post button. As I mentioned, I decided not to link my Instagram to other social sites, so I may or may not have the same caption on each post I make but I make sure to include hashtags. Just a reminder, do not hashtag everything. Nobody wants to see your excessive hashtags on Instagram. Even if you gain followers, it’s often the wrong kind of follower – spammers or only people interested in being followed back. Focus instead on being specific. (Read more)

4. Square photos, not insta-sized. Collage can sometimes be an exemption.

One of the many reasons why I disliked my Instagram account is having my pictures in different sizes. Parang ang gulo lang tignan. Collage can be used but not every time.

5. Limit on posting selfies in Instagram.

I’d probably just share my selfies on Twitter, for the sake of posting.

6. Choose what to share and what not.

I have removed a few people on my news feed (but stay friends) on Facebook. Yung araw-araw may selfie and super update ng ginagawa nila is super annoying. Feeling artista ang peg. People, you don’t have to share everything and post everything. Make room for other things than your daily selfies, rants and whatnot. Do that on Twitter and not on Facebook.
Sometimes, we have to choose what should be on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram. Make limitations.

Sharing something online is our way to express ourselves – thoughts, emotions and all other blahs, but it is not wrong to set boundaries. Let’s just keep in mind that whatever we share online is a reflection of us.

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