The Happy List | 05

I was quite off the scene in blogging for a while, so this one is going to be longer than the usual. I hope you’d still read on, though. Lol

1. I just got my first pay out today! I have been sharing my journey from the time that I was feeling frustrated in looking for a job and now that I am finally hired, I’ve been talking about my first week of experiences with my new employer in my recent posts. So, yes! Today was the first release of my salary! I am just so happy! My mom got teary-eyed while looking at my balance receipt. I am just so happy that the Lord has answered my prayers. He actually gave more than what I asked for. He’s truly amazing!

2. I attended Infor Manila Achievement Unlocked Conference last June 9, 2015 and discovered good things about them. I was actually impressed. The first thing that impressed me is knowing that they have low attrition rate throughout the years. If I may not mistaken, their attrition rate is around 3-7% compared to other IT industry who gets around 20%. They gave me the impression that, this company that I belong in values their employees and that Infor does not hold back in supporting their employees needs, which is a very good thing. They are also expanding. They have been in the industry for quite some time already and they have other offices in different parts of the globe. Before the conference ended, they raffled off a trip for two to Japan! Isn’t that insane?! Too bad I didn’t know it beforehand because I should have prayed for it and probably won the raffle. Haha!

3IMG_4490[1]. Also a part from the conference, I was really happy to hear Romi Garduce give an inspirational talk. He talked about the challenges that he faced and how he overcome all those things which can also be applied or happen in real life (not just in mountaineering or any sports). He was known as the first Filipino mountaineer who completed to climb the “7 Summits”. You better click that link to know more about his story. It’s really interesting.

4. Hearing stories from my team about their married life and for a span of two weeks working with them, they have already shared their secrets!! I guess they felt comfortable with me already to tell those things, which is nice. I was a bit shocked about their secrets, though. Haha!

5. A good view from the bus terminal before I head home at 6PM.

Forbestown Centre, BGC

6. After a month of being bummed and broke, I finally get to go shopping! Yehey!

7. Boyfriend is being cheesy on my Facebook wall. Which in 7 years, he hardly ever do that. Lol

8. I am obsessing on Pentatonix’ performance in Sing-Off singing Let’s Get It On.

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