The Happy List | 04

1. I am more of a Starbucks fan than any other coffee shop, but I discovered a new drink from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – Cafe Latte. Made my morning.

2. I love how all my meetings start on time and ends on time.

3. I love it when my daughter shares to me how her day went every time I get home after work.

4. I’m obsessed with iPod Classic’s 140+GB memory. I know it’s old school, but it still works fine! 

5. Huggable pillows.

6. Getting along well with the guys at work and I feel like they don’t mind me being the only girl in the team. Ha! 

I just have to share this. I know this is a happy list but there’s still things that make us unhappy. The one thing that makes me unhappy for this week is not being able to attend the Pentatonix concert here in Manila. 😭 I hope they’ll visit again and will make sure to watch and not miss the chance. Huhu.

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