First workday experience.

I wasn’t excited on my first day. I was feeling, umm just right. I set an alarm every 15 minutes from 4:30 in the morning, of course I got up after the last alarm which is 5:15am. I prepped up for an hour. I wore a new top, jeans, a 2 inch high wedges and powdered my face a bit. It was just my usual get up. I just have to bring confidence and my wit. Haha!
I was feeling nervous. I was welcomed with 5 guys, I guess. And I figured I am the only girl in the team – which I didn’t expect and also not used to. But, they’re nice and friendly. I didn’t expect that man-power will dominate over the girls’. I hope we’ll get along well, though.

I like my workstation. It was spacious. I have my own phone on the left side of my desk, a new desktop and personal bin cabinet. Did you know that I actually specifically prayed for this kind of workstation? Yes. I did. God answers even the smallest details of our desires. I love it.

Lunch time. Everybody in the pantry were watching NBA. I felt out of place for a while. But I guess, maybe sooner or later I’ll learn to enjoy watching basketball. Before, with my previous employer, I was used to wash my own plate and utensils but with My current employer, they have someone to wash for everything. Yay or nay? Hehe.

Status Meeting at 1PM every Monday. I was introduced by my manager with the team (finally, there were 3 girls) and he gave me time to introduce myself to them and vice versa. It was nice meeting them, though I couldn’t understand a thing regarding the status meeting, I showed an attentive looking face. Lol

6pm. Time to call it a day. It was a nice day and because I have prayed for this, I know it’ll be perfect.

3 thoughts on “First workday experience.

    1. Thanks! I just didn’t expect to be the only girl in the team. Today was good. I had a 1-on-1 meeting with my boss this morning. And since we ended the meeting at lunch time, we end up having lunch together. I was so shy. HAHA


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