The Sunday Currently | Vol. 02

It’s my last weekend before I start on my new job. Yay!


LISTENING to Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding because I just finished watching 50 Shades of Grey and I know I am so laate. It’s not an original copy though so there was a lot of cut scenes and blurred part. Pft

READING about Love, Sex and Madness from the book ‘Besties’. Here’s one from my snapchat:

Snapchat: jenjennng

OBSESSING on cute and fancy designed (kids’) pens. Lol

THINKING of buying GoPro Hero 4.

HOPING that tomorrow will turn out as good as I want it to be with my new team at work.

WISHING that mom would appreciate how I do the household chores. Even for once. Coz it makes me mad hearing her yell in the morning, complaining that the floor has not been swept (which I actually did already). If I could just put floor wax on tiled-floor, I would. Sigh



FEELING sad knowing that my boyfriend is going to leave me when I go abroad even for 2 months just for training that is/will be required at work. What do you think of this? Should I really pursue the training abroad even if he’ll leave me or stay here with him and ditch the training? Sad. It’s just a short time though. I guess 2 months is just a short time.

WANTING my boyfriend to understand how much I want to go abroad even for at least 2 months.

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