The Happy List | 02

Even during staycation, because I have been stuck at home for almost a month, there are still reasons to be happy no matter how big or small they are.

1. Snapchat. I have been alone at home for 3 days and snapchat has been a big help to keep me company. And it’s where I can be crazy and it’s where I can see the BTS of my fave bloggers and celebrities.

2. Movies. Today I was able to watch 4 movies at home. From the moment I woke up in the morning till around 5 in the afternoon before I do a few chores. Because boredom.

3. Down to my last weekend before I start with my new employer next Monday, yay! Finally getting out of this house. HAHA!

4. My daughter is finally enrolled, in a pretty much pricey but a good school. I hope it’ll be effective for her though.

5. Went to my god daughter’s christening and it was fun meeting my college friends after a long time.

6. Boyfriend’s presence. I like it when he’s around.

7. New clothes! I guess every girl is at the happiest whenever we buy a few new things for ourselves.

8. My brother has a new girlfriend and everybody’s celebrating!!

This is a blog linkup by Corinth

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