Life as a Web and Mobile Tester.

Out of the many jobs inside the realm of IT, I decided to be part of a non-programming-related career and it’s Quality Assurance. I am not closing my doors in any opportunities though, because in IT, there are a lot of careers you can choose from – Business Analyst, System Analyst, Web/Mobile Developer, Web Designer and other high-paying jobs. Ha! Yes, I said that right. IT-related jobs are one of the best jobs that easily return your investment in college. Proof. Well, practically depends on what company you are in even though you are a graduate of a 4-year computer related course. Lol But so far, I am enjoying being a QA.

What my work is like in my first 3 years as a Manual Web and Mobile QA? 

Sitting at a desk all day long staring at a screen in an isolated bubble doing the same thing day in and day out, this is what most people think an IT professional does all day. Most assumptions about the IT world are wrong, especially the idea of what a Tester does. Every day is different. There are new projects and each has their own unique hurdles. The world of IT is constantly changing and to keep up, a Manual Tester’s job continues to change.(Gresha Hopkins)

In my own definition, a web and mobile QA ensures the quality of a web and/or mobile applications across a variety of platforms and browsers. Since we do it manually, we have to run the application over and over until we cannot find any issues from the UI/design to functionality to maintaining the accuracy and efficiency of the site.

It’s mind numbing at times, but what I love about my job is having the power to crash something that was built by other people. *evil laugh* I can play around with it in any way that I want as a user. It gives me thrills when I see the flaws in a developerwebsite. Haha! Kiddin. But you know, it is more challenging to work with developers that have perfect skills in programming. It is actually not a reason to be confident and not to give your best effort in testing their work. For me, it is more of saying ‘I know there is something wrong in here…’

The role as a QA of web and mobile does not define by the number of issues that you reported. I believe it is delivering a quality tested application to the client and give that satisfaction that they desire. Oha!

BUT… unfortunately, being a QA is not likable at all times especially when your work station seems to be never enough… 

And sometimes, you need a little company…

I have three years of experience on this job and I’m thinking of pursuing the same path.

I am about to start in a new company next week. I hope to have a spacious work station. Haha!

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