‘Til next time…

Two years and two months. It has been a well spent time with my second employer, Movent Inc. I admit, there were times that I wanted to quit because of *reasons insert here*, but I am happy to have good friends to laugh with during lunch and/or merienda and the work experience itself has truly helped me a lot.
Sometimes you just can’t avoid not to say goodbye to the people you’ve been with because as time goes by, our priorities change, our lifestyle and the things we want in life sometimes or even most of the times change. As cliche as it may sound but change is constant. We may want a certain thing at the moment and then by tomorrow we’re starting to eye on new things and forget the other.

I guess I have come to that point.

For whatever reason of leaving, I am thankful for everything. I enjoyed my stay up to my last day. Super grateful for the people that have been part of my life and for the people who has helped me broaden my horizon. I will never forget how much this company has given me the privilege to learn a lot of things, and because of that, I am embracing this job and kind of looking forward to pursue the same career path.

Thank you, Movent family.


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