Essential Apps for Blogging

I am no pro in blogging. I actually just started writing stuff that are (I guess) relatable and informative. I am controlling myself not to share the dramas I have in life because I’m finally through with those kinds. I have matured. Lol Well, I guess I just learned that some things are not worth sharing and blogging. I also don’t have a strong vocabulary, so I just write and make my words simple that even a grader will understand (I know, I’m getting overly defensive). Anyways, let’s go back to what this post is really all about.

For a budgetarian blogger like me, I try to find apps that are free or something that would not cost me that much. Here’s what I personally use and recommend:

1. Afterlight

This is my go-to photo filter and because I loved this app so much, I purchased all the filters for $0.99 each. I also like VSCOcam. It has plenty of filters so it’s too much of a good thing. Hmmm. Wait. I guess I’ve come to realize that VSCOcam is really good. *checks my phone and purchase a few presets*

2. Phonto

I once read in a blog to write titles on images. For me, I use Phonto to do that trick. I am a no pro in Photoshop and I have never used Photoshop before because I think art is nowhere present in my body system and fonts are too expensive! Lol But then again, I have to find the artistic side in me to get fancy images.

3. Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest / Facebook / Google+

These are helpful in promoting your blog post online. After getting the nice edited photo for your blog post, you have to share that same image to your social sites, because promotion. Ya have to promote your own work, and don’t forget to add tags.

4. Notes

This is a default app in iPhones. Sometimes, thoughts are swift as an arrow so before you lost that thought, better type it down in your phone or write it on a paper if there’s any within your reach.

So far, these are the ones essential to me. What’s yours? 🙂

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